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Aug 25 Almost Clean Sweep for Draycott: Draycott claimed 3 of the 4 titles, adding Men's 1 and 2 championships to the one already won by the Ladies. Abbey View B took Men's 3 title, with Endon B also promoted, whilst either Basford B or Alsager B will be relegated to Men's 3.
Aug 20 Relegation Confirmed: Westlands and Stone B have been relegated from Mens 1 whilst Florence C have also been relegated from Mens 2. All 3 Men's Divisions have titles still to be decided.
Aug 11 Draycott Confirmed as Ladies Champions: Draycott have won the Ladies title following a 3-1 victory over Abbey View A. In Men's 2, Endon A and Draycott B are assured of promotion, and Abbey View B look on course for promotion in Men's 3
Aug 04 Abbey View B Open Up Lead: Abbey View B have opened up a decent lead at the top of Mens 3 as the season draws to a close. Florence A beat Draycott A, but the latter still seem certain to secure the title, whilst in Men 2, Draycott C have been deducted ½ point for fielding an ineligible player.
Jul 29 Relegation Battles: It's not looking too good for Westlands A in Mens 1 or Florence C in Mens 2 as they look set for relegation. The battle to see who joins them is not so clear cut with plenty left to play for.
Jul 21 Battle At Top of Men 2: Endon A and Draycott B both seem certain to secure promotion to Men's 1 but it is far from certain which one of these teams will pick up the Championship with just ½ point separating them
Jul 15 Draycott Ladies on the Brink: Draycott Ladies are on the verge of sealing the Championship, and if Basford failed to take maximum points againt Endon then the title will be theirs. Even if Basford have taken full allocation of points, Draycott will only need ½ point against Abbey View A to seal the title.
Jul 10 Westlands B Withdraw from Mens 2: Unfortunately Westlands B have had to withdraw from Mens 2 and all their results have been expunged. Elsewhere it's still exceptionally tight in Mens 3 and if it carries on like this, John Motson will be in his glory with all the permutations and combinations come the final day of the season.
Jun 30 Two Way Battle in Ladies: It looks like it's a two way battle between Draycott and Basford for the Ladies title, with Draycott also looking poised to take the Men 1 title. Westlands A and Stone B look as though they could be the teams to be relegated from Men 1, although in Men 2 there are still 6 teams in a relegation battle.
Jun 22 Tight at Top of Mens 3: Stone D lead Mens Divisions 3, but at the halfway stage just 1½ points separate the top five teams. Draycott B have closed the gap on Endon A at the top of Mens 2, and both of these have now opened a considerable gap on the rest.
Jun 17 Endon A Flying in Men's 2: Endon A are setting a cracking pace at the top of Mens 2, whilst 1 point separates the top 4 in Mens 3.
Jun 09 Familiar Look About Men's 1: Florence A and Draycott A seem set for another battle at the top of Men's 1, with Draycott teams also going well in the Ladies and Men's 2.
Jun 02 Leagues Taking Shape: It looks as though the Ladies League will be another close affair. Basford A's great start to the season continues as they remain unbeaten after 5 games in Men's 1. Endon A setting a good pace in Men's 2, where the rest of the Division looks to be tight. Stone D are at the top in Men's 3, remaining unbeaten after 3 games.
May 26 Weather Improves!: Basford A and Stone A have kicked off the season well in Men's 1 and Alsager C opened up with two good wins in Men's 3.
May 22 Florence Off to Good Start: Florence have made a good start to the campaign, as they currently head Men's 1 and 3 and the Ladies Division. Draycott B, Endon A and Stone C have also opened up well in Men's 2.
May 19 Lots of Rain Welcome in New Season: The nice English weather has welcomed in the tennis season for 2012 with quite a few drawn games as a result. Fingers crossed for an improvement.
May 19 Send Results Here: As in previous seasons, if you wish to send in the result of match (e.g. Team A 3 Team B 1, then click Send Results. You'll still need to post the match scorecard with all the players details and set scores, but the above will help to keep the scores / tables updated.
May 19 Fixtures 2012: My apologies for any inconvenience and the delay with getting the fixtures posted on the website - technical difficulties. Everything sorted now, and Fixtures for 2012 can be found in Excel format, and all fixtures are now available on this site. Enjoy the season.
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Winners in 2010
Ladies: Abbey View A
Men 1: Draycott A
Men 2: Borough A
Men 3: Borough B
Mixed: Draycott
Foundation Cup:
Sporting Trophies Cup:
Dale Cup:
Murray Gold
He'll Never Have a Better Chance Will He?
Anyone For Ice-Skating Tennis?
Blue Courts

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