Cup Competitions

As well as the league there also exists cup competitions for both the ladies and mens game. The cup competitions, which operate on a knock out basis, are open to any team that plays in the league. For the men there are two cups to be played for - the Dale Cup and the Sporting Trophies Cup. The ladies compete for the Lawn Tennis Foundation Cup.

Sporting Trophies Cup Draw 2005

Quarter Finals
Draycott A v Florence E
Endon A lost to Abbey View A
Knypersley A v Florence B
Alsager FR A v Florence A
1st Round
West Borough B v Draycott A
Florence E v Bucknall A
West Borough A v Endon A
Draycott B v Abbey View A
Florence D ½ Knypersley A 3½
Florence C v Florence B
Bucknall B v Alsager FR A
Florence F v Florence A

Dale Cup Draw 2005

Quarter Finals
Abbey View E (+15) v Draycott C (-15)
Alsager FR A (-15) v Florence D (0)
Abbey View C (0) v Florence C (-15)
Endon D (+15) v Endon B (-30) or West Borough B (0)
1st Round
Draycott B v Abbey View E (+15)
Knypersley A (-30) v Draycott C (-15)
Florence D (0) v Florence F (+15)
Alsager (+15) v Bucknall B (+15) OR Alsager FR A (-15)
Endon B (-15) v Florence B (-15) OR West Borough B (0)
Endon D (+15) v Bucknall A (-30)
Abbey View D (0) v Florence C (-15)
Florence E (0) 1½ Abbey View C (0) 2½
Preliminary Round
Bucknall B (+15) v Alsager FR A (-15)
Florence B (-15) v West Borough B (0)

The Lawn Tennis Foundation Cup

The foundation cup is open to any ladies teams competing in the City & Suburban league. Details of the 2002 competition will appear here.
The Sporting Trophies Cup

Sporting Trophies Sporting Trophies of Leek take over sponsorship of what was formerly known as the P & D Cup. The Sporting Trophies Cup operates under the usual scoring system resulting in the winners usually coming from the first division.

A selection of what's on offer at Sporting Trophies

The Dale Cup

The Dale Cup is sponsored by the current President of the league Mr Malcolm Dale. Unlike the Sporting Trophies Cup however, the Dale Cup is based on an handicap system thus improving the chances significantly for lower division teams. First Division teams start each game at -30, second division teams at -15, third division teams at 0 and fourth division teams start at +15. So for example, if a team from the second division is playing a team from the fourth division the score at the start of each game would be minus 15, 15 as oppose to 0-0! This scoring system ensures that concentration must be kept at all times during the game in order that the correct score is kept!


For all three of the cups, in the event that a match finishes level at 2-2 the team that has won the most sets progresses to the next round. Should the scores still be level then the team that has won the most games progresses. In the unlikely situation that the teams still can't be separated then the winner will be decided by the toss of a coin.